Monday, May 31, 2010

Amaretto Strawberry Shortcakes

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, and I can't think of a more summery dessert than Strawberry Shortcake. Shortcakes are simple to make, but most recipes are laden with butter (a whole stick? who needs that!) and white flour. I searched around and found a good recipe I could modify using only 2 Tablespoons of butter and substituting 1/2 the AP flour for whole wheat pastry flour. They turned out quite good, considering the health-conscious adjustments. Next time, I might try using all canola oil to see if I can make it completely vegan. Although, I'd probably still cave and go for the whipped cream. You can also mix any combination of berries and stone fruits that are in season, and feel free to swap out the Amaretto for your favorite liquor. Oh, and if your Memorial Day looks like mine (mostly cloudy), serve with extra shots on the side.

1 cup unbleached white flour
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour (or whole wheat flour)
3/4 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoons baking powder
3 Tablespoons organic cane sugar
2 Tablespoons organic butter
4 Tablespoons canola oil
1 cup soy milk or fat free milk

Preheat oven to 425F. Spray a nonstick cookie sheet with oil spray or line with parchment. In a medium bowl, mix together the flours, salt, baking powder and sugar. Use a pastry blender to cut the butter and oil into the flour mixture until it resembles coarse meal, or dump it all into your food processor and zap it a few times. Add the milk and stir until just incorporated. Drop 8 mounds onto the cookie sheet and bake 15-20 minutes or until biscuits are golden.

1 lb. strawberries
1 Tablespoon organic cane sugar
1 Tablespoon Amaretto

Slice strawberries and combine with sugar and Amaretto. Refrigerate for 30 min. or until ready to serve.

Whipped Cream
1/2 pint organic whipping cream
1 Tablespoon organic cane sugar
1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract

Whip in a mixer until fluffy. Keep an eye on it, as you don't want it to turn into butter (which I've done).

You can make everything ahead of time and assemble the shortcakes when you are ready to serve them.

Serves 8


  1. Julie, if it's gonna be organic, might as well scratch off that aluminum based baking powder and add baking soda and lemon juice. This recipe is real close to my vanilla bean whip and strawberry daiquiri pancakes. Keep it up!!

  2. I will try that next time, thanks for the tip! Send me the pancake recipe, too! :)

  3. Strawberry shortcake is my favorite dessert, I am so excited to try this new improved version! Thanks so much for the recipe!



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